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Surprise de chez TimeDesign a propos de la Nomos TANGENTE !

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écrit par Deniz le 20 juin 2003 08:49:34:

Voici le Mail que je viens de recevoir suite à une demande il y a qque temps sur la Tangente :
(ps : je peux e:mailer les pcx à qqu'un qui peut les mettre en ligne dans la journée. Me contacter à mon adresse)


Good news for Nomos Tangente lovers who would like to have their watch
with a glass display back:
We will probably get a small series of such watches in a few weeks.
It is the regular Tangente model (see image 1 below), but with sapphire
glassback (movement, see image 2 below). Markup towards regular model:
Approx. EUR 100.- (i.e. EUR 790.- compared to EUR 690.- for the regular
Alternatively we can have the movement made with the genuine Glashuette
3/4 plate (see image 3 below), here the 3/4 plate substitutes the
several bridges making the movement look somewhat "cleaner" and
"tidier". Markup of that version would be another EUR 200.- (i.e. EUR
990.- then).
Images 4 and 5 below show both movements in the case (the last image is
supposed to be a steel case, not gold).

Now, what we would ask you is telling us which version you would
potentially prefer, the regular movement at EUR 790.- or the 3/4 plate
version at EUR 990.- (we will probably have made only one of these two
If you like to formally pre-order already, pls. use our order form:
Each order is preliminary and we will ask you again for final
confirmation, of course.
For now, thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hans-Peter Brugger

TimeDesign H.-P. Brugger · OT Egg 9 · 88379 Guggenhausen · Germany
Tel.+49.7584.91383 · Fax +49.7584.91382 · http://www.timedesign.de
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