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Très belles photographies et très belle montre! (st)

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écrit par vapaanga le 05 janvier 2005 16:13:36:

en réponse à: Patek Philippe Aquanaut: Revue (en anglais) écrit par Jeff (DrStrong) le 05 janvier 2005 10:00:17:

>j'ai fait une revue de mon Aquanaut; elle est en anglais pour etre également accessible aux amateurs de cette montre ne parlant pas français.
>Je ne pense pas que la barrière de la langue soit un problème.
>Bonne lecture.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut: Luxury in a Cool Climate


by DrStrong


>The Aquanaut "Jumbo" (Ref. 5065) is a steel sports watch which was specifically designed by Patek Philippe for a new and younger sporty clientele. It enlarges
>the Nautilus sports watch collection, which has known more than 20 years of uninterrupted success and is still a masterpiece of both design and advanced
>watchmaking techniques:

The Nautilus

>Patek Philippe has created this original timepiece for lovers and collectors of quality watches who are looking for a robust and modern steel sports watch.
>This watch embodies a new dynamic spirit and suggests an original lifestyle of casual elegance.

The Movement

>The Aquanaut Jumbo is fitted with the self-winding movement Caliber 315 SC, with a sweep-second hand and date indicator. This 30-jewel movement features
>a 21-karat gold unidirectional winding rotor and the famous Gyromax balance-wheel. This balance-wheel, which oscillates 21 '600 times an hour, is patented
>by Patek Philippe and is an important feature which ensures high-precision timekeeping.
>The Caliber 315 SC characteristics are:
>Diameter : 27 mm
>Height : 3.22 mm
>Number of parts : 224
>Number of jewels : 30
>Power-reserve : 48 hours
>Winding-rotor : 21-karat gold unidirectional
>Balance-wheel : Gyromax
>Vibrations per hour : 21'600
>Hallmark : The Geneva Seal
>Indicators : Date and sweep-seconds

The Caliber 315 SC of the Aquanaut

>More than 1'200 operations are required to make the components of a single Patek Philippe self-winding mechanical movement. The components are submitted
>to 500 hours of quality control during the manufacturing phase. It takes nearly an entire year to make a Patek Philippe mechanical movement, whether manually
>wound or self-winding.
>Patek Philippe, the last independent watch manufacturer in Geneva, produces timepieces in small series only. Each timepiece is carefully hand-finished in
>order to achieve unprecedented levels of technical and aesthetic perfection and every Patek Philippe movement bears the Geneva Seal.
>This hallmark on a watch movement certifyies that it conforms to the highest official standard of traditional Geneva watchmaking. The tiny seal with the
>Geneva arms (the eagle and key) was instituted by the State of Geneva in 1886 in order to provide a guarantee of the origin and the craftmanship of clocks
>and watches made in Geneva. The criteria include 12 technical absolute requirements related to the manufacturing of the movement. Only manual and
>self-winding mechanical movements can be awarded the Geneva Seal and Patek Philippe is the only watch manufacturer whose entire production of mechanical
>movements qualify for this distinguished Seal.

The Case

>The stainless steel case of the Aqanaut features the trademark octogonal bezel of the original Nautilus series, designed as a porthole; it comes with a
>screw down crown and case back, ensuring water resistance down to 120 meters. Its glossy polish contrasts with the mat finish of the bezel. The case is
>41.5mm across and 8.4mm thick, which makes the Aquanaut a very comfortable watch.

>The Aquanaut comes in three different sizes: a large ("Jumbo") and a small size are being added to the original "Medium" size.
>The medium-sized Aquanaut (Ref. 5066A) is fitted with the self-winding mechanical movement, Caliber 330 SC, featuring the same characteristics as Caliber
>315 SC, but with the date indicator positioned more centrally. This version is also available with a quartz movement and a steel case back (Ref. 5064A).
>The small-sized Aquanaut (Ref. 4960A), designed for ladies' wrists.
>In addition, there are versions with a steel bracelet and in 18 K gold with tropical strap.

The Strap and Dial

>The modern design of the Aquanaut integrates the dial and the strap. The textured black dial was specially adapted and is exclusively reserved for the
>Aquanaut. It is decorated with 12 Arabic numerals in white gold. The hour and minute hand, also in white gold, feature a luminous coating for enhanced
>visibility in the dark.

>The "Tropical" strap is fitted with a steel folding clasp, embossed with Patek Philippe's famous Calatrava Cross emblem. This strap, which was also developed
>exclusively for the Aquanaut, is made of more than 20 materials. It took more than a year to develop. Various specific operations and machinery are required
>to make it, including a 150 metric ton press. Supple and pleasant to the touch, the "Tropical" strap is ideal for aquatic sports. It cannot be ruined by salt
>water or extreme temperatures, and it is highly resistant to stress and ultraviolet radiation.

>Most of the time though, I wear my watch on exotic skins...




>I have been wearing the watch for nearly six months. It shows remarkable timekeeping and is a pleasure to wear, either with strict or casual clothes.
>So if you like the watch, get one and have a lot of fun wearing it !



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